Update on Attiogbey – March 22 and 24, 2020

March 22, 2020 ~ Almighty God, Please continue to encourage Attiogbey’s faith in Your plan for his future. Please keep him under your wing until he is well prepared for that future. Help him to resist all temptation or wrong influences from the new life he has there in Switzerland. Lord, especially give him Your wisdom as he shares his faith in You with his wife, Leona. He is not ashamed of the gospel and is longing for the simplicity of time spent in his relationship with his Heavenly Father (as he has been accustomed to in Togo).

He is overwhelmed with all the new demands on his time He has yet to find a church where he can worship and fellowship as he is accustomed to doing. He ask for our prayers in this matter for this is a longing of his heart and will guard him with discipline to manage his time. Time for work, time to study the German language and he is attending the University of Fribourg to get his second Masters. He is conscience and aware of Leona’s needs and that he be a good husband. Leona also is enrolled in college and will begin classes in August. Let us continue to pray that soon some of the struggles outside and that as they do, that God receives “All the Glory and all the Praise!!”

Love in Christ for all, Ann Shackelford

March 24, 2020 ~ Talked with Attiogbey today. He was checking on me and how things are here since the coronavirus He was out jogging hoping to shake away the anxiety and frustration he is experiencing. He has been unable to go home which is three hours away from college, to spend weekends with Leona. She works with Social Services and has been exposed to the coronavirus. It has been four weeks since she can be with Attiogbey or her father who has asthma. Please pray that Leona will not get symptoms. One really good thing, God has answered our Prayers! Attiogbey has found a Christian Bible study he is attending!! ~ Ann Shackelford