Our History
On Sunday, September 1, 1918, a birth took place just south of the village of Schoolfield, Virginia – The birth of a fellowship of Christians known today as Calvary Baptist Church. From the original little band of six adults meeting for worship at Bradley’s Store on the Holland Road, our church has changed its location several times and grown to a present membership of several hundred. But our convictions and purpose have not changed. With the Bible as our guide, we continue to be a family of Christians, dedicated to worshipping and witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ in our community.

People Everywhere are looking for a warm and Accepting place, full of life and purpose, where there is a sense of family and belonging, a place to find real answers for everyday living. We believe our church is that kind of place. Calvary is a place where we learn about God and where we love and serve God’s people. It is a place where you and your family can be really loved and served. It is a place where you will find friends, true friends often closer than your relatives.

Calvary is a reverent, but relaxed church where all ages and all types of people feel at home. It is a place for babies, children, teens, young adults, middle-aged adults, and senior adults. It is a place for you and your family. Come and join us as we follow Jesus Together!

Our Membership

Becoming a member of a church is a very important commitment. A church is a group of people who have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and have banded together to carry out His work in this world. When anyone becomes a church member, they are making a convenient with the other members of the church, by God’s grace to live a Christ-like life and to cooperate together to accomplish the work of God’s Kingdom. We can admit new members:

By Baptism
any person professing personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord may be received as a candidate for baptism, and after baptism, into the full fellowship of this church, after assenting to the doctrines of faith of this church and our Church Covenant.

By Letter
Members of other Baptist churches of like faith and order may be received as members of this church by presenting letters of dismissal or transfer from such church certifying their membership in good standing.

By Statememt
An applicant for membership may be received upon a statement of baptism by immersion and experience of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and assent to abide by the doctrines of faith of this church and our Church Covenant.

You are invited to respond to any of the above by coming forward during the hymn of invitation and commitment at the close of each worship service. It would be our joy and delight to have God ad you to our church family.

“We are all members of one body.”
– Ephesians 4:25