Services during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. First came the cancellation of all worship services and church gatherings for a couple of weeks as mandated by the governor until we could come up with a plan to resume some structured form of worship and fellowship.   
  2. After a few weeks, we began with what was designate as “Drive by Church”.    Members would drive by the entrance to the fellowship hall, leave their offering, receive a bulletin, a printed copy of the sermon for that week and a CD recording of the Sunday school lesson, the sermon and one or two hymns. Lockdown began March 15, 2020. Services were pre-recorded on Saturday evening in the sanctuary. Persons attending was Pastor David Bell (recording Sunday School lesson), Pastor Rick Markham (recording the sermon), Debbie Mann (providing solo hymns), David Emerson (sound system) and Carlis Wells (working the recordings). Letters from the Pastor along with written copies of the sermon were mailed out to members each week.

3. From there we moved to parking lot worship service using a PA system with Sunday school lesson by Assoc. Pastor Bell, sermon by Pastor Markham and hymns lead by Debbie.  Later we added the FM transmitter to make easier to listen in the cars.

4. When gathering restrictions were relaxed and we were finally able to move back inside the sanctuary, there were a number of governmental guidelines that we had to follow, including cleaning and sanitation requirements, limited numbers allowed inside as dictated by social distancing seating and masks.  We are still under those guidelines today.   The FM transmitter is still broadcasting the services to those still attending in the parking lot.